More Than The Score

February 02, 2007

Zach Mellott
So. Fulton

What do you like best about your sport? "There are so many ways to get your adrenaline flowing."

Your greatest accomplishment in your sport? "Winning the District 5 championship and going to the Sweet 16 to face Elk County Catholic."

Toughest individual opponent you have faced? Jeff Berkey from Shanksville

Toughest team you have faced? Elk County Catholic

Other sports? Baseball

Other activities in school are you involved in? Envirothon

Pregame rituals? "I just listen to music, think about the game and try to get mentally prepared the best I can."


Person you'd most like to meet (alive or dead)? Michael Jordan

Favorite athlete? Michael Jordan

Favorite book? "Hatchet"

Favorite movie? "Tears of the Sun"

Celebrity crush? Jessica Alba

Dream car? Chevy Corvette Z06

What I actually drive: Nissan Frontier

Favorite school subject? History

Least favorite school subject? English

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