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Emergency Medical Services plan at a glance

February 02, 2007

The Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council has approved a draft plan that calls for more government support of ambulance companies. Under the two-phase plan, all ambulance companies would standardize their procedures, like working hours and scheduling.

Companies that fail to improve in certain areas, like response times and staffing, would be subject to more county control in phase two of the plan.

Phase I features:

· Projected cost of almost $1.4 million

· A workday length limit of 48 straight hours

· County reimbursement for EMS vehicle fuel and maintenance costs

· The establishment of four strategically placed battalions that would serve as the headquarters for 12 advanced-life support paramedics paid by the county

Phase II features:

· Projected cost of almost $4.6 million, not including revenues

· Operating cost reimbursements


· County salary structure for paid staff

· County reimbursements of $8 to $10 an hour to companies for each volunteer hour that is donated

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