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January 29, 2007

Last week's question

What should the Hagerstown City Council do with the Tusing Warehouse?

What is the point in offering a serious suggestion when one day your award-winning columnist says we should no longer take "pot shots" on issues in his column about a 5-year-old getting charged with sexual harassment, then the next day he can write such sexist pap as turning the warehouse into the host site for women's pillowfighting.

Your paper has no moral compass among its staff and has essentially endorsed all the local elected officials who have either created our problems or have been unable to find workable solutions.

Sell or rent the warehouse to a serious business. Certainly the tent for the downtown beer party -Augustoberfest - could be moved into the parking lot a few feet to allow the once-a-year event to happen.


Sell it for a lot more than $110,000. OK, just give it away.

Tear it down.

Tear in down and make it a parking lot

Tear it down and pave it into a parking lot.

That City Council is such a hoot. Can you image having to rethink the selling of a empty warehouse that would become a tax advantage and a useful building in the empty downtown area because of the Blues Fest stage? The Blues Fest and the Augustoberfest should have been moved to Fairgrounds Park in the first place.

This is a no-brainer; just adjust the stage and sell, sell, sell. The downtown needs all the help it can get. Here is someone willing to take a chance on the downtown and the City Council again comes up with another reason to rethink its decision to sell because of four days out of 365.

I think it should be sold at first opportunity. The building has been sitting idle for too long. Certainly it's not impossible to find another suitable location in that parking lot for the Blues Fest stage when the time comes. One less vacant building downtown is a definite plus.

Well - if our fair council opts to revamp the grandstands at Fairgrounds Park to have multiple purposes (such as indoor concerts as well as basketball or what have you), we can put Blues Fest, Augustoberfest, and any other "fest" we'd ever opt to have in this town out there where there's plenty of space and there isn't a whole detouring of traffic to accommodate the event.

Anyone who has to use public transportation can get behind that idea. Now, this warehouse thing-a-ma-jig has been sitting idle because our fair council can't come up with something useful for it - so let someone else try!

Sell the thing to whoever's willing to take a chance on it. If the buyer's idea prospers, then it's a step towards an active downtown area. If not, then it's the owner's problem, not ours. And, certainly not the council's.

There are more and more people of means and others of creative mind and energy who are willing to risk rebuilding and refurbishing the downtown. These people need every possible encouragement. The downtown is certainly improving and could really become something special if the council would get out of the way. Sell the thing!

What is the Tusing Warehouse?

Not to sound dumb, but could someone tell me where this warehouse is so I can comment? You see, I'm overseas and I can't see the whole paper here.

I would like to see the city renovate the building into several one- or two-bedroom condos, to be sold as part of the affordable homes program.

What on earth is the "Tusing" Warehouse?

Yeah, I Googled this for everyone who's trying to figure out which building they're talking about (mainly to make sure I'm right to begin with) and it's the one right next to the central parking lot in downtown. It's located on the north side of East Washington Street. It's small and pretty easy to overlook

Maybe they should remodel it and use it for low income apartments. How can anyone making $5 to $10 dollars an hour afford $800 to $1,500 dollars a month for a two-bedroom apartment? Kind of makes you wish that all those retired politicians would have to live off Social Security.

It would make them realize that the rest of the world doesn't get 165,000 a year in retirement like the great retired Gov. William Donald Schaefer!

Sell it. put it on the tax rolls.

This week's question

Some Maryland lawmakers want to double the state's $1 a pack cigarette tax to fund health care. Is that a good idea or is there a better source of cash?

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