Many area groups have lobbyists in Md.

January 28, 2007

Nongovernment Washington County-connected organizations with lobbyists in Maryland (lobbyists are in parentheses) are:

· Allegheny Energy of Williamsport (D. Robert Enten, Timothy A. Perry and Michael C. Powell of Baltimore; Jay E. Mason of Allegheny Energy in Williamsport; William R. Miles of Huntingtown, Md.)

· Coalition of Maryland YMCAs, care of Michael Flicek at Hagerstown YMCA (Franklin Goldstein and American Joe Miedusiewski of Baltimore)

· Conference of Private Organizations of Maryland (CONPOR) in Hagerstown (Michael F. Canning of Annapolis)

· Maryland Free State Cemetery & Funeral Association, care of Rest Haven Cemetery & Mausoleum in Hagerstown (Nicole M. Sandusky and John R. Stierhoff of Baltimore)

· Maryland Motorcycle Dealers Association, care of Twigg Cycles in Hagerstown (Bruce C. Bereano of Annapolis)

· Maryland Society of Pathologists, care of Dr. John Newby of Hagerstown (Eric Gally and Amy Stratton of Annapolis)

· Save Our Doctors Protect Our Patients, a Washington County coalition that formed to lobby for medical malpractice reform (Gil Genn and Don Murphy of Annapolis)


Source: Maryland lobbying records, as of Jan. 22

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