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Variety show touches all the bases in Pa.

Variety show touches all the bases in Pa.

January 28, 2007|by KATE S. ALEXANDER

CHAMBERSBURG, PA. - Who was on first, What covered second and I-Don't-Know played third base, yet everyone who came to the plate for Saturday's "Salute to Sports & Recreation" at the Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg batted a thousand with the almost packed house.

"I think (the show) is terrific," said Robert Frey of Chambersburg, catching his breath at intermission. "This is more fun than watching a professional production."

The show interactively saluted some of America's favorite sports and pastimes with song, dance, humor and games.

Woody Payne, creator, director and producer of the show, said the performance was a variety show, and while it saluted sports, it was not what people might expect from a show devoted to recreation.

"This is not like sitting in front of the TV and watching a game," Payne said.

Rather, the show is the eighth "Salute" at the Capitol Theatre and like the rest, was done like the variety shows of the early 20th century.


About 150 performers from across the area participated in the show along with the audience. Master of ceremonies Dick Shoap cued the lights, and hostess Holly Plasterer welcomed the audience to join the fun of games such as bingo and the hokeypokey.

Ryan Payne, lead singer of The Considerations (formerly known as The Torches, The Bones, The Ticks and Chariot) said audiences never know what to expect from a "salute."

"The show is all mapped out, but there are still surprises in every show," Payne said.

In addition to the surprises, Ryan Payne said the show features "Chambersburg Idol." Like the popular "American Idol" television show, "Chambersburg Idol" has Average Joes and Janes sing for the title. Ryan Payne said many of the performers in the show Saturday were discovered in the "Chambersburg Idol" competition.

While the performance of the famous "Who's on First" comedy routine by Paul Keifman and Scott Cairns ranked highest on the applause-o-meter, few people could say what act was their favorite.

"They are all good," said Dianne Poe of Chambersburg. "It is hard to choose just one."

"I think it is a wonderful experience for the audience and for those who may not have an outlet to get on stage," said Mitch Benedict of The Considerations.

Woody Payne said the next "Salute" in April will salute travel and tourism.

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