All County Orchestra participants announced for 2007 concert

January 25, 2007

Washington County Public Schools will present the 2007 All County Orchestra concert Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at North Hagerstown High School.

The concert will feature the All County Senior High School Orchestra with guest conductor Elizabeth Schulze, musical director of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, and the All County Middle School String Orchestra with guest conductor Stephen Czarkowski of Shepherd University, artistic director and conductor of the Youth Orchestra of Fairfax.

Tickets cost $4 in advance and $5 at the door.

Tickets can be purchased from participating students and/or directors at the following schools: Clear Spring High, Boonsboro Middle, Boonsboro High, E. Russell Hicks Middle, Northern Middle, North Hagerstown High, Smithsburg Middle, Smithsburg High, South Hagerstown High, Springfield Middle, Western Heights Middle and Williamsport High.

Senior Citizens Gold Cards will be honored.

Middle School

Violin I - Tyler Adkins, Smithsburg; Erin Artz, Springfield; Heather Butts, Springfield; Deonna Degross, Northern; James Fisher, Northern; Paige Flook, Boonsboro; Khriste Green, E.R. Hicks; Brigitte Grewe, E.R. Hicks; Kirra Kidwell, Springfield; Sean Magee, Northern; Ryan Markoff, Smithsburg; Marissa Martz, Smithsburg; Kelsey Moore, Boonsboro; Noah Mun, Northern; Alexandra Nickels, Smithsburg; Akatshi Osongo, Northern; Catherine Rishell, Smithsburg; Eric Ryberg, Boonsboro; Alexandra Scheller, Northern; Alexandra Turano, E.R. Hicks; Vivian Urzua, Northern; Santhia Varatharajah, Boonsboro; Jacob Waeyaert, Smithsburg.


Violin II - Christopher Benner, E.R. Hicks; Jonathan Blank, Northern; Jaclyn Fiola, Boonsboro; Katelyn Fitzgerald, Northern; Tyler Garner, Boonsboro; Chad Gilbert, Springfield; Andrew Higgins, Northern; Rajon Imes, Springfield; Emily Irwin, Northern; Britteria Jones, Springfield; Angela Kang, Smithsburg; Ian Karraker, Boonsboro; Aurelie King, Boonsboro; Paige Marshall, Boonsboro; Emily Seifarth, Smithsburg; Emily Seiler, Northern; Joshua Solanki, Springfield; Eric Sprecher, Western Heights; Noah Stouffer, E.R. Hicks; Kylie Stoup, Smithsburg; Christina Thompson, Smithsburg; Christian Tiches, Northern.

Viola - Aaron Andrews, Springfield; Lindsey Beall, E.R. Hicks; Christian Everhart, Smithsburg; Autumn Fisher, Northern; Alison Forest, Smithsburg; Karyme Grumbinie, Smithsburg; Kacey Keith, E.R. Hicks; Kegann Kidwell, Springfield; Kyle Madden, Springfield; Catherine Schoen, Smithsburg; Angela Zabala, Springfield.

Cello - Anne Beachley, Northern; Payton Berry, Northern; Alexander Brown, Smithsburg; George Canova, E. R. Hicks; Sarah Hull, Boonsboro; Shelby Lorah, Springfield; Vanessa Mackley, Smithsburg; Stephanie Milani, Northern; Sarah Rohrer, Boonsboro; Joshua Starliper, E.R. Hicks.

Bass - Daniel Brown, Springfield; Matthew Hetzer, Northern; Nicholas Reed, Clear Spring; Ben Shuster, Northern.

High School

Violin I - Michael Baer, Smithsburg; Laura Baldasarre, Smithsburg; Leah Beachley, North Hagerstown; Katrina Bushko, Boonsboro; Chelsea Eells, Williamsport; Laura Farnen, North Hagerstown; Michelle Ferreira, North Hagerstown; Justin Furnia, North Hagerstown; Dana Grimm, Smithsburg; Ilona Grinevich, North Hagerstown; Amber Henry, North Hagerstown; Brianna Miller, Boonsboro; Sulgi Mun, North Hagerstown; Joseph Taylor, Williamsport; Joseph Waeyaert, Smithsburg.

Violin II - Raymond Baker, Boonsboro; Patricia Byers, North Hagerstown; Santana Daugherty, Williamsport; Raeya Disney, North Hagerstown; Crystal Gaines, Smithsburg; Nichole Gaines, Smithsburg; Carlee Harbaugh, Williamsport; Bob Hockenbury, Clear Spring; Michael Jewell, Smithsburg; Amanda Michael, North Hagerstown; Marlee Nelson, North Hagerstown; Camille Parks, Smithsburg; Tiffany Sellers, Williamsport; Renee Shaw, North Hagerstown; Rebecca Stouffer, Smithsburg.

Viola - Nathan Gift, Smithsburg; Deborah Lee, Smithsburg; Kevin Madden, Williamsport; Audrey Mills, North Hagerstown; Kaitlyn O'Brien, Boonsboro; Margaret Stone, South Hagerstown; Nicole Vere, North Hagerstown; Bryan Warner, Boonsboro; Devan Zeger, North Hagerstown.

Cello - Ariel Alexander, Smithsburg; Anna Baldasarre, Smithsburg; Abigail Barnhart, Smithsburg; Ernest Cooper, North Hagerstown; Kaylin Kloos, Smithsburg; Elizabeth Kramer, North Hagerstown; Allison Litten, North Hagerstown; Erin McMurtrie, Boonsboro; Adria Moyer, Williamsport; Margaret Schoen, Smithsburg; Mary Schultz, North Hagerstown; Jennifer Smela, Boonsboro; Jade Tostanoski, Smithsburg; Sabrina Zeger, North Hagerstown.

Bass - Ashley Forero, North Hagerstown; Bryan Hetzer, North Hagerstown; Ryan Socks, Boonsboro; Jesse Thompson, Smithsburg; Brittni Young, North Hagerstown; Josh Younker, North Hagerstown.

Flute - Zach Levin, North Hagerstown; Emily Forrester, South Hagerstown; Meagan Graff, North Hagerstown.

Oboe - Andrea Carter, South Hagerstown.

Clarinet - Ethan Yuji Jones, North Hagerstown; Anne Kraft, South Hagerstown; Quinn Gelestino, North Hagerstown.

Bass Clarinet - Kristen Bennett, South Hagerstown.

Bassoon I - Tyler Austin, Boonsboro.

Bassoon II - Holly Hughes, South Hagerstown.

Alto Sax - Adam Stephens, Boonsboro; Seth Younker, South Hagerstown.

Tenor Sax - Maggie Shorb, North Hagerstown.

French Horn - Jackson Hopkins, North Hagerstown; Mackenzie Blair, Clear Spring; John Slick, Boonsboro; Matt Howe, Boonsboro.

Trumpet - Jesse Mason, South Hagerstown; Will Haines, South Hagerstown; Laura Smith, Williamsport.

Trombone - Erin Kittel, Smithsburg; Chris Poet, Clear Spring; Sean Clark, Boonsboro; Ronnie Hambleton, Williamsport.

Tuba - Jeff Jacobson, South Hagerstown.

Percussion - Brandon Rada, Clear Spring; JD Repp, Clear Spring; Sarah Hartman, South Hagerstown; Christina Oliver, North Hagerstown; Matt Rummel, South Hagerstown; Ryan Wetzel, Boonsboro; Katie Mitchell, North Hagerstown.

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