Blast from the Past

January 24, 2007

Week of Jan. 21, 1957

Local schoolgirls helped the March of Dimes by braving wintry weather to sell "Peanuts for Polio" on many downtown streets all last week. Mrs. Richard Armitage of 106 Greenmount Ave. didn't have a chance against the combined sale pitch of Judy Foltz and Frances Hull, students in the junior classes of South and North Hagerstown High, respectively. The peanuts salesgirls were helped in their very worthwhile chore by Mrs. Armitage's 4-year-old daughter Janet, who just happened to be hungry for peanuts.

A State Police teletype will be set up at the Washington County Jail within a few days, linking Hagerstown with State Police barracks throughout the state. State Police and the Sheriff's Department announced that the teletype machine will greatly facilitate the sending of messages for information at all points.

A pretty 24-year-old girl from Baltimore, who in her short lifetime has become an accomplished pianist, an airplane pilot, and a graduate engineer, will address students and faculty at three Washington County high schools. She is Miss Joanne Alford, a materials and process engineer for Martin Company, Baltimore, who has been selected by the Air Force Association as the nation's Miss Airpower for 1956. She will discuss the current national shortage of engineers and scientists, and will point out many of the opportunities now available through a career in engineering and other scientific fields.


Week of Jan. 21, 1982

Joe Small and Dottie Scott of Chambersburg, Pa., have found a way to accommodate their wedding guests during Sunday's Super Bowl clash between the San Francisco 49ers and the Cincinnati Bengals. They've rented a large-screen projection television and will include game watching during the reception. "That way my friends won't be upset. It was sort of strategically planned - Super Bowl XVI and Wedding I", Small said. "It wasn't deliberate," his fiancee added. "But we have to make the best of it or we won't have any men at the wedding."

Rebecca Melody was waiting for the bus on a downtown street curb, watching the drivers in their cars "fussing and cussing at each other, horn blowing" as they tried to maneuver through the rain and sleet. Her idea "Stop fussin', start busin'" became the winning entry in the County Commuter's recent slogan contest. Bus system manager Keith Godwin said the phrase will be used in advertisements and promotions for the bus system. Mrs. Melody said life is definitely a lot easier as a bus rider than as a motorist. "You don't have to worry with the gas."

Washington County Commissioner Ron Bowers said it's high time the county makes proper use of park facilities located throughout the area. Bowers said the taxpayers need more recreational outlets close to home, since more people are not traveling great distances in search of fun. Presently, the only type of park recreation program in the area is held in the summer, coordinated by the Hagerstown/Washington County Playgrounds Association and funded primarily through the United Way. Both the city and the county donate some money to that program.

- Compiled by Kelly Moreno

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