Engineer, firm will check Waynesboro's storm water system

January 19, 2007|by JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Waynesboro Borough Engineer Kevin Grubbs and representatives from Dennis E. Black Engineering of Chambersburg, Pa., hope to walk and crawl through parts of the Borough of Waynesboro's storm water system next week.

Heavy rains in 2006 prompted residents on and around Cemetery Avenue to speak to the borough council about flooding in their homes. Others on West Fifth Street complained about sewage backing up during storms.

The engineers' system inspection has been delayed in recent weeks due to the threat of rain.

"We didn't want to get ourselves in the position where we'd be down in the system during a downpour," Grubbs said, saying the water quickly could create a dangerous situation.

The crew will be taking pictures in the system as it looks for needed repairs and blockages.

"We're primarily looking for structural deficiencies and possible collapse," Grubbs said.

The biggest area he expects to encounter will be 8 feet high and 4 feet wide. The smallest will have 36-inch pipes.


Grubbs, who last went into the system in the mid-1990s, said he will enter near the Rutter's Farm Store on West Third Street and follow the system as it crosses South Potomac Street. The system then follows an alley and Sixth Street before opening on Cemetery Avenue.

The plan is to inspect slightly more than a mile of the system, Grubbs said.

The contracted engineers also have requested aerial photographs to aid in making a recommendation, Grubbs said.

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