Sheffler's Uniform closes after 20 years in Waynesboro

January 18, 2007|by JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Just after celebrating Sheffler's Uniform Shop's 20th anniversary, its owner closed the doors permanently on Christmas Eve.

"I do have customers that were with me all the 20 years," Nancy Sheffler said. "Each day was a joy."

Injuries suffered in an automobile accident expedited Sheffler's retirement.

"It was kind of difficult for me to do what I usually did," Sheffler said, explaining she had trouble being on the sales floor with customers.

Sheffler has been trying to sell the remaining inventory and display racks, but none of the inquiries has panned out.

The business operated its first two years on South Potomac Street.

"I knew I had to get onto Main Street for the high visibility," Sheffler said.

If someone buys the remaining inventory and wants to open a shop, she would encourage that person to do so on East Main Street, rather than the other side of Center Square. Proximity to the hospital is important, she said, since 75 percent of sales were scrubs.


Sheffler still believes in the vitality of Main Street, although "the latter years had been kind of difficult there."

"Once (J.C.) Penney's left and a few of the other stores, a lot of people gave up on downtown," Sheffler said.

Sheffler said she has been so busy finishing up the business' paperwork that she hasn't had an opportunity to miss the store itself.

The 44 E. Main St. space had been leased from Harry Morningstar Sr., Sheffler said.

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