It'll get cold. Eventually.

January 16, 2007|by TESSA WALLS

OK, so it hasn't really been cold so far this winter. But it's only January. There's plenty of time for snow and ice before spring comes.

Are you ready for snow? Or do cold temperatures just give you a good reason to stay indoors?

Some people think there's basically nothing to do in winter besides watch reruns on television. But cold weather can lead to fun activities that are not possible during other times of the year.

There are many opportunities to go outdoors during this season that are both satisfying and enjoyable. Here are a few places to go and things to do:

Whitetail Mountain Resort, just over the Pennsylvania border from Hagerstown, is popular with local winter enthusiasts. Whitetail offers skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing with a total of 19 trails. Go to to see if there is snow.


Deep Creek Lake offers a variety of outdoor fun, this area is close by to many as well as desirable to people of all ages. Some of their activities are hiking and cross-country skiing, the park offers six miles of trails and annual races for the adventurous risk-takers that want to get their adrenaline flowing. It also has downhill snowboarding and snow tubing at the Wisp Ski Resort.

The resort has 32 trails and nine tube shoots available. Believe it or not, there are even activities available to dogs now at Deep Creek Lake. Dogsledding can be made possible at Yellow Snow and Husky Power. A few other activities Deep Creek offers are ice fishing and snowmobiling. Snowmobiling has 35 trails set aside for this sport in the state forests, so if you are up for some fun as well as getting a look at nature, come to Deep Creek Lake for a fun and relaxing vacation.

If you live up in the Cumberland area, there are parks close by that you won't have to travel far to get to. Cumberland has many museums as well as hiking and biking on The C&O Canal. One of the most prominent areas in Cumberland is the Rocky Gap State Park, which has hiking and fishing. The park has holiday light shows, a spa, and a golf course.

For those desperate for snow, consider a getaway from home. River and Trail Outfitters in Harpers Ferry, W.Va., offers hiking, biking, team building, cross-country skiing, and even has climbing walls.

River and Trail Outfitters cater mostly to cross-country skiers. They organize trips, such as a weekend trip to Tug Hill wilderness area in New York, for cross-country skiers. Tug Hill is a 2,000-square-mile wilderness area that gets 250 to 400 inches of snow each year. It's a great opportunity for skiers to enjoy snow - especially this year.

If you can't get away for a weekend, Harpers Ferry has wonderful scenery for hikers, whether there is snow or not. Harpers Ferry National Park offers a historical outlook on the town of Harpers Ferry as you walk the trails, check out museums and historic buildings, and talk to people costumed in clothes from the Civil War period.

Of course, in order to enjoy these activities, it is important to have the proper gear. There are several stores in the area that cater to outdoor winter fun around these resorts and companies.

Bikles Ski Shop in Hagers-town is one of the shops that provide the equipment and accessories needed for the outside weather. Bikles has a large variety of ski and snowboard equipment and a variety of ski and snowboard apparel.

The freezing cold hinders some from leaving their house when winter sets in. But the enjoyment these activities give are worth the cold. Instead of watching the reruns on the television all through the season, go outside. Be adventurous.

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