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January 15, 2007

Last week's question

The Maryland General Assembly began its 2007 session on Jan. 10. What should the Washington County Delegation make its top priority this year?

One of the main topics of discussion for the new assembly will be tax restructuring. The sole purpose will be to raise revenue for the significant debt. There should be a standing committee convened on how to make government more efficient and responsible to its citizens.

Waste and unwise spending is often a problem of the political arena. Unfortunately, the longer career politicians serve, the more blind they become to the real problems of government.


Property taxes.

What debt? Our outgoing governor boasted how he put us in a surplus. Was this a campaign lie? Unwise spending? C'mon, look at that nice football stadium we built and we're still 23rd out of 24 jurisdictions in per pupil school spending.

Is it any coincidence some local politicians send their kids to private schools? Maybe the Washington County Delegation should make its top priority to educate the voters of this county, since we clearly don't know what is really going on and no local journalist seems concerned at getting out the truth.

How about a little tax and fee relief?

The first priority of our delegation should find a way to make sure that released prisoners are sent back to their home jurisdictions.

Taxes and slots - taxes are too high and don't forget fees, which are nothing but taxes.

I don't see how slots are such an issue. If you want the revenue (and we do), then let's have them. They're like so many things in this world - just because they are there doesn't mean you have to play them.

Taxes are just too screwed up to handle in one session. If slots pass, we may be able to avoid a tax hike - cross your fingers.

Our education system has needed a shot in the arm for years and because we're Western Maryland, and not inner-city Baltimore, we get the short end of the stick every year.

I don't expect anything other than that this year. The working poor need to be addressed this year. The working poor and the seniors. The services we use are going up in price, but because we don't make $40,000 to $50,000 a year, we can't keep up with it all.

Something has to give here - AND SOON!


If taxes are so important why did people vote for the Democrats? Voters should have know it is in the Democrats' blood to raise them.

Of course, today they are busy watching Al Gore's movie. That should tell you what they are thinking.

This week's question

How can Washington County Hospital officials persuade those challenging the move to Robinwood to drop their appeal? To respond, go to and click on "opinion." Responses will be posted on our Web site on Monday, Jan. 22.

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