Radio tower request tabled

January 11, 2007|by ERIN JULIUS

HANCOCK - At a meeting Wednesday night, the Hancock Town Council tabled a recommendation from the town's Planning Commission.

Resident Marion Thomas requested special permission to erect a 40-foot "flagpole-like structure" on Baptist Road.

The council voted to table the proposal, awaiting further discussion and public input.

Thomas, part of the nonprofit organization Splendor of Trust Radio Inc., applied for an FCC permit for the site. The radio tower, a low-power transmitting station, would transmit WDTF out of Berkeley Springs, W.Va., Thomas said. The station is primarily Catholic talk, she said. Her nonprofit organization wants help to "bring the Lord's light to all people," she said.

The organization bought land at 116 Baptist Road specifically for the purpose of erecting the tower. A 10-foot structure would also be built on the lot. Drawings show the tower attached to the small structure.

Thomas promised that the tower "won't be an eyesore" but residents of the community aren't so sure.


"Things like this don't belong in our little community," said Grand Street resident Valerie Repsher.

Residents spoke out against the tower, citing property values, safety and the community's character as concerns.

Roger Yutzy, who lives on Baptist Road, is the only member of the Planning Commission to vote against the proposal, he said.

"How does this fit into a residential community?" Yutzy asked. "It's going to tower over every building up there."

Mayor Daniel A. Murphy said the council would consider the proposal further at its next meeting, and invited residents to make their opinions known.

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