Volunteer from Funkstown school is honored for her dedication

January 10, 2007|by JANET HEIM

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Sharon Mattingly

Age - 50.

Hometown: Boonsboro.

Where would you see Mattingly? - Sharon Mattingly is a daily presence at Funkstown School for Early Childhood Education.

"This is a very good school. The teachers are very good here, very caring and loving. It's a big happy family," said Mattingly, who added that she likes the feel of a "country" school.

For four years, she has been PTA president, volunteers in the office, substitute teaches as needed and fills in for the secretary. She is also secretary for the Washington County Council of PTAs.


Mattingly has volunteered in Washington County public schools and has been involved with PTA for 25 years. She started when her four children, the youngest two who are twins, went to school at Emma K. Doub Elementary School. She also has six grandchildren.

In those years, Mattingly has put in about 20,000 volunteer hours. Her commitment was recognized in November when she was one of three recipients of the Washington County People's Choice Award.

Mattingly had been nominated by five staff members at Funkstown School. In addition to a commemorative crystal plate, she received a $5,000 check which she designated for an endowment fund at Funkstown School.

While she's proud of the award, she's embarrassed by the attention and would rather focus on the school, staff and other volunteers.

When Mattingly's children got older, she worked full-time at the Sealy Mattress Co. for almost nine years until she had to quit because of health problems.

Mattingly, who lives in Hagerstown, prefers to be active and involved. She applied to be a part-time lunch aide at Funkstown School and decided to volunteer at the school, where one of her grandchildren was a first-grader at the time.

Then, Funkstown School was only pre-kindergarten through first grade, but now goes to second grade. When her granddaughter went to Emma K. Doub for second grade the next year, Mattingly continued to volunteer at Funkstown School.

A Washington County native, Mattingly grew up in Boonsboro and attended Boonsboro schools, through high school graduation in 1974. She was in the color guard during all seven years of junior high and high school and was captain in eighth grade and senior year in high school.

She then studied for two years at what is now Hagerstown Business College to be a legal secretary. Mattingly worked for a bank before getting married and starting a family.

Now PTA and volunteer work keep Mattingly going. She said Funkstown School's PTA has about 120 members, many who can be counted on to help when needed for school activities and fundraisers.

From providing a $2,000 grant for playground equipment to coordinating fundraisers to organizing teacher and staff appreciation events, Mattingly said the Funkstown School PTA is an important part of the school.

"I love the school very much," Mattingly said.

Hobbies - When asked about hobbies, Mattingly said in her spare time she is a Longaberger Basket consultant and does the office work for her fianc, who is a plumber.

What does Mattingly like best about Washington County? - Mattingly said it's family ties and roots that keep her in Washington County. She said her parents, two brothers and three of her children live in Hagerstown. One of her sons moved to Anchorage, Alaska about three years ago because that's where his fiance is from.

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