Williamsport briefs

January 10, 2007|by ERIN CUNNINGHAM

Town election polls to stay open later

WILLIAMSPORT - Voters in Williamsport's upcoming election will get an extra hour to make it to the polls.

The town council voted unanimously Monday night to extend the deadline to vote in the March 5 election to 7 p.m., with polls opening at 9 a.m.

The last day for residents to file as candidates in the election is Feb. 23 at 5 p.m., according to a document provided by town officials.

Engineering work to find pipe cracks OK'd

WILLIAMSPORT - The Williamsport Town Council voted Monday night to approve preliminary engineering work that will cost no more than $40,000.


Town Clerk James Castle said the work is needed because some water has been seeping into the town's pipes. He said the engineering work will determine where the cracks are and how the water is entering the pipes.

The studies will help solve the problems and improve pump stations. Work will include smoke testing and flow monitoring.

Castle said there also will be a grant request made for about $15,000.

Town gives tokens of appreciation

WILLIAMSPORT - Several people received certificates of appreciation at Williamsport's Town Council meeting Monday.

Mark Guessford was recognized for performing during a veterans ceremony in the town.

Mary Anna Kline was given a certificate for her work with the Williamsport Area Food Bank. She reported later in the meeting that the food bank collected more than 2,500 pounds of food and more than $1,200 over the holidays.

Dave Danfelt, chairman of the town's Toys for Kids committee, was recognized for his work with the program. More than 1,000 toys were collected for 45 area families that included 153 children, according to a report given later that evening.

Nica Sutch also was given a certificate of appreciation from the town.

Town wants poles out of parking lot

WILLIAMSPORT - Williamsport officials will send a letter to Washington County Public Schools requesting that it remove poles installed in a parking lot across from Williamsport Elementary School.

The poles were part of a planned bus parking lot that was not approved by the town.

Officials said Monday that the letter will request that school system officials remove the poles by a certain date, or the town will remove them.

Drainage a problem on Clifton Drive

WILLIAMSPORT - The Williamsport Town Council on Monday discussed drainage problems that have persisted on Clifton Drive for more than 10 years.

Assistant Mayor Monty R. Jones said he would like to know where the problem started and who created it. Officials said water needs to be transferred away from the back of houses on that road.

Tax setoff meeting to be rescheduled

WILLIAMSPORT - Williamsport's tax setoff meeting was canceled, officials announced Monday.

The meeting will be rescheduled but a date was not available.

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