It's showtime in the NFL

January 09, 2007|by ROBERT KELLER

Welcome to the postseason as the top teams face off for the chance to win the Super Bowl. Some amazing games and more intriguing matchups will make this a playoff season to remember.

The best wild-card game last weekend was the Dallas Cowboys at the Seattle Seahawks. The game was close. The Cowboys had a shot to take the lead with a little more than a minute left, but that was shot down by Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. When Dallas attempted the go-ahead field goal, the play was foiled by Romo's horrible setup. He took the snap, then dropped it, picked it up and attempted to run it into the end zone. He was tackled ... barely.

The four matchups this weekend are: Indianapolis at Baltimore, New England at San Diego, Seattle at Chicago, and Philadelphia at New Orleans. I predict the following winners: Baltimore, San Diego, Chicago and New Orleans, who are all coming off bye weeks and who all have the home-field advantage this game.


Just because the Chargers have been an unstoppable team for 10 weeks, that doesn't mean they will be unstoppable for good. In some of their recent games, they've had a huge lead on the opponent, and then the other team has come back to nearly win the football game. Arizona lost to San Diego by a touchdown, Seattle lost by a field goal, and Buffalo lost by a field goal.

I think the Chargers are due to lose sometime in the playoffs, but this isn't the game they'll lose.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will not stand up to the Ravens' pressure, and I'm not convinced about the Colts' one-week wonder of a run defense. They're not that good. It's just that the Chiefs, whom they beat Saturday, were that bad for a day.

New Orleans is an easy pick. The Saints have Philly overmatched on defense and offense.

The Bears are an outstanding team this year and could make it all the way if their erratic quarterback, Rex Grossman, can keep it together.

I think either the Chargers or the Ravens will be in the Super Bowl on Feb. 4.

I know I picked all home teams, but you never know. Remember last year's playoffs? The Indianapolis Colts were 14-2 and had the home-field advantage, but they lost to the wild-card Pittsburgh Steelers.

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