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January 08, 2007

Last week's question

The 2007 session of the Maryland General Assembly begins Jan. 10. Legislative leaders have hinted that they might cut aid to local governments in an effort to balance the budget. If that happens, what local service could you do without?

$600,000 to buy George Washington's handwritten resignation and another $150,000 for a company letter written by a witness describing the event, refugee support, illegal aliens on Social Security, City Council, 750,000 houses, BOE raises, drinking festivals in downtown Hagerstown, increased utility bills, higher property taxes and higher income taxes.

Gotta love the People's Republic of Maryland.

Water, sewer, electric .... take it all back and let us live as our ancestors did 150 years ago. That would separate the men from the chickens who run this country.


Shorten the session by a month and don't pay any state legislators for that month, including their per diems for their gas guzzling SUVs and crabcakes on the Annapolis waterfront paid for by taxpayers.

For most of the nearly 200 members, that $42,000 job is their second "job." They won't miss a third of it, but the state and its citizens could surely use it.

Airport, Arts Council, Economic Development Commission, Election Board, Planning and Community Development, weed control, Board of Zoning Appeals, Black Rock Golf Course and at least one half of the employees at the Commonwealth Avenue Board of Education building, including the BOE and the superintendent of schools and her "yes" women.

The EDC should be eliminated. They just give tax dollars to low wage multinational corporations.

Emissions testing, landlord permits and the flush tax. Flush tax money is used to pay farmers to plant cover crops and not harvest them.

Well, the way I see it, if the state cuts its local "aid" (such as it ends up being) our local government will just continue to jack up the cost of water, electric and everything else.

It's bad enough that the utilities are getting so high that people on shoestring budgets have trouble making the payments, even with conservation.

Of course, this is going to jack up rents (again). It's just another attempt to kick the working poor out of Washington County.

Scale back all services. Taxes are too high and there are too many people on the public dole.

I personally know of about 10 people who are getting disability checks who are healthy and can work. One of them makes $80,000 per year under the table. Look into public housing; half of the people there can work but are too lazy. They should never have torn down the old projects in the West End!

Get rid of all welfare (WIC, etc.). If there is no funding for this, maybe participants would stop having babies and GET A JOB!

This week's question

The Maryland General Assembly begins its 2007 session on Jan. 10. What should the Washington County Delegation make its top priority this year? To respond, go to and click on "opinion." Responses will be posted on our Web site and on this page on Monday, Jan. 15.

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