Boonsboro Police list December calls

January 04, 2007

BOONSBORO - The Boonsboro Police Department responded to 204 calls in December, Chief Jeff Hewett told the mayor and town council Tuesday.

Hewett said police stopped 37 motor vehicles. They issued 13 parking citations.

Police arrested four adults and two juveniles, he said.

Hewett said police had two unusual cases during the month.

In one case, police charged two men with stealing a collection jar from the counter of Alex's Convenience Store.

Hewett said police recovered about $148 in change, but not the remaining $60 or so in bills.

The money was earmarked for the fire department, he said.

In the other case, an officer noticed people smoking something in a car outside the police station and discovered that it was marijuana. The officer charged both men.


"If you're going to smoke pot, don't do it next to the police department," Hewett said.

Hewett also presented a 2006 summary of the department.

Officers responded to 1,666 calls. They issued 133 motor vehicle citations, 259 parking citations and 285 warnings.

Officers charged two people with driving while intoxicated.

Police arrested 12 adults and 23 juveniles.

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