More than the Score

January 03, 2007

Wei-Ta Chen
St. James

What do you like best about your sport? "I like shooting threes. I think they're a pretty nice thing to do."

Toughest individual opponent you have faced? I don't really play an individual sport. I believe that teamwork is really important and I didn't really have an individual opponent that really challenged me."

Toughest team you have faced? Sidwell Friends

Other sports? Lacrosse, Soccer

Pregame rituals? "I like to pray before games. I think it's a habit I have to hope everything goes well before a game.."


Besides your parents, the most influential person in your life? "Mrs. Romine, my history teacher."

Person you'd most like to meet (alive or dead)? Allen Iverson

Favorite professional team? Philadelphia 76ers

Favorite athlete? Allen Iverson

Favorite book? "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"

Favorite movie? Armageddon

Favorite song? ""Yeah" by Usher"

Celebrity crush? "Elisha Cuthbert"

Dream car? Porsche Carrera GT

Favorite school subject? Biology

Least favorite school subject? Math

Best place to hang out? "Valley Mall."

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