You Said It

January 02, 2007

"Saddam Hussein said he would offer 'my soul to God as a sacrifice.' If only President Bush were this noble."

"So Sen. Joe Biden wants to play politics with our troop levels in Iraq. As someone who has a son currently serving there, I find the fact that he is against sending more troops regardless of what the commanders on the ground ask for and what the defense secretary says, purely evil. He has actually made statements regarding the re-electing probability for anyone supporting the war effort. Anyone who plays politics with our troops' safety (as was done in Vietnam) is a despicable human being. This is what has been put into power ... may God help us."

"Somewhere in Pa. there is an animal lover doing God's work. She saw a dog chained up that looked very ill. She continued to check on the poor 19-year-old German shepherd mix for the next few days. The dog was chained up and was in total distress with feces on his coat and not moving for days. She then took the dog from his horrible living conditions and immediately took him to her vet. The vet informed her the dog was malnourished, lethargic and just down-right sick. Come to find out this poor animal has lived all his life at the end of a chain. She also took a video and found out that one of the neighbors had called the Humane Society three days prior to his rescue. Now here's the clincher: the dog's so-called family is suing the angel that saved him. They took her to court to get the dog back."


- Chambersburg, Pa.

"To the caller who said her home was burned. I truly feel for anyone in this position, especially in the cold months. This caller thanked the generous person who took her to the mall for shopping and paid for it and also paid for her to have her hair done. The caller stated more people should do this. I am wondering if this caller did this for people in a similar position prior to her home being burned. After all, she said it would be nice if more people did this. True, it would be, but the average person cannot afford to treat a family of people to a shopping spree at the mall and a trip to the hair dresser."

"Pickles, thanks for congratulating the people who take the messages for 'You Said It.' I want to congratulate you for recognizing that they got 'you're' right all 10 times in your write-up. It's people like you who make all the people who have thankless jobs seem so important. Oh, and by the way, call me Col. Mustard."

- Smithsburg

"Developers and politicians win if they can divide and conquer the citizens. Lifelong residents of Boonsboro and all newcomers are all in the same boat, and that boat is about to be swamped. The mayor and council claim they favor annexation only because they will be able to control development and limit growth. At the same time, developers for most of the 800 acres are proposing greater density than the town's own comprehensive plan or the county, and in some cases, actually change the type of development allowed. Naturally, developers want the town to avoid oversight by the county or the state, because alone, Boonsboro has limited resources to fight any legal actions that may result when this love fest ends. Just ask Jefferson County, W.Va."

- Washington County

"I agree with the caller in today's (You Said It) about a peaceful protest at the square in Hagerstown. Hopefully you get this before you end up trying it. Get your permits and stuff in order first, and make sure you make it enough people that they hear your voice. I don't work that much in Hagerstown anymore, but I might make it a point to be there just to see if it's gonna happen. But please make sure you get your permits for a peaceful protest before you do it, because if not, havoc will come down upon you."

"I'm reading The Daily Mail on Dec. 27 and a caller from Williamsport complains because the state of Maryland will spend $600,000 to buy George Washington's handwritten resignation and another $150,000 is going to be spent for a company letter written by a witness describing the event, and then wonders why the amount of money needed for Alzheimer's or Holly House or Medicare D can't be had if they spend that much for George Washington's resignation, etc. The answer is simple. If they spent money for Holly House and senior programs and so forth, there wouldn't be the money to buy George Washington's resignation or the letter."

- Rohrersville

"I know there are a lot of people against annexation of Boonsboro, the 900 acres going into Boonsboro. Isn't there a way that we can impeach the mayor of Boonsboro? If that would help, then people should start typing up a petition and do it."

- Boonsboro

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