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January 01, 2007

Most recent question

What is the nicest thing anyone did to make you really feel the Christmas spirit?

My 2-year-old saw a commercial for Toys for Tots and wanted to share her toys with kids who didn't have anything.

She picked out two kitchen bags full of her toys to give away to other kids. Now, if a 2-year-old can figure out the true meaning of the Yule season, that gives you hope for the rest of the world.

Also, that everywhere I've been shopping, everyone's been so nice. I used to think that the Christmas season brought out the jerk in everybody, because any time I went anywhere, I seemed to find all the Scrooges. Now, I'm beginning to think that there's hope.


I'm still waiting for it to happen.

I got laid off from work. Merry Christmas.

Not celebrate it on Dec. 25. The TRUE meaning of the holiday is giving and it should not HAVE to be celebrated on Dec. 25 only. You should celebrate the holiday WHENEVER you want ... not because society SAYS you have to celebrate it on 12/25. Why not celebrate the season when the urge hits on July 13, March 23 or Oct. 28, for that matter? The fact that it's celebrated on Dec. 25 is pure balderdash! Bah Humbug!

Thanks to the nice people who turned in a man's silver ring to the lost and found at Border's. It is my wedding ring and we are so happy to have it back! That was the nicest thing for us this Christmas. Thanks also to the nice family who helped us search the parking lot for it!

God sent His son - the greatest gift ever given.

Christmas cards sent to me and telephone calls from old friends that I lost touch with over the years.

A mom and dad, (Williamsport area) who last year needed help with toys and food ... returned this year.

They turned down the toys and the food. Instead, they contributed food and toy items. Their situation had improved and they felt compelled to help others who were in need as they were last year.

My kids made my Christmas. Just getting them the bare minimum and watching their faces light up was worth it all. I love them so much!

It has come and gone. It still hasn`t happened.

Our church, Grace Brethren, adopts families who are not as fortunate as others and makes Christmas special for them by providing a holiday meal and gifts for them. They also do this for families at Easter, before school begins and at Thanksgiving. It's giving and sharing that make the Christmas spirit come alive.

My 13-year-old daughter is struggling through some tough times, being forced to alternate between our home and her father's current home. But on Christmas morning, she said prayers and thanked God for the family that she loves and that she got to spend Christmas day with.

She said she was so blessed to have this side of her family in her life and that she knew God would take care of her during the tough time. The Christmas spirit shone through in her thankfulness for the blessings she has.

This week's question

The 2007 session of the Maryland General Assembly begins Jan. 10. Legislative leaders have hinted that they might cut aid to local governments in an effort to balance the budget. If that happens, what local service could you do without? Replies will be posted on The Herald-Mail Web site and on this page on Monday, Jan. 8.

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