Hangover helpers offered by residents

January 01, 2007|by KAREN HANNA

HAGERSTOWN - Whether it's the bleary vision, the pounding headache or the sick feeling of dryness in your mouth, the immediate future might call for a few over-the-counter painkillers.

At least you've made it this far.

Hours before the first party of 2007, bartenders and fans enjoying football games Sunday offered a variety of hangover remedies - from pickle juice to sports drinks - for people suffering from too much New Year's Eve revelry.

"Slam a beer, that's it. That's pretty much the rule of thumb, man," said Chris Francisco, who puts the "C" in C & J's Roadhouse Grill.

A restaurant co-owner, Francisco said he has tried pretty much everything, including pickle juice and a mix of milk and orange juice to beat hangovers, but he said he knows only one foolproof cure.


"The only guaranteed cure there is, slam a beer," Francisco said.

At Buffalo Wild Wings, brothers Kevin and Ray McCarthy said after studying the problem for a while, they know how to get relief.

"Three ibuprofens, a Gatorade, coupled with a little bit of water, and you're golden," said Ray McCarthy, 28.

The McCarthys, who wore New York Jets jerseys, said they were in town to celebrate the New Year with their sister, who lives in Hagerstown.

"Gatorade and aspirin, it always works," said Kevin McCarthy, 27, who advised downing the painkillers before bed.

Even Jason Keefer's friends seemed skeptical of his cure.

"Take a hot bath, and take some water out of the machine, the Culligan (water-purification) machine," said Keefer, 24, who was cheering on the Dallas Cowboys from a bar stool at Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

Red Lobster bartenders Danette Hiser and Shawne Steele said they recommend Bloody Marys. Fellow bartender Jim Heaton said his money's on mimosas, though he said he doesn't drink anymore.

If that doesn't work, Keefer's friend, Walter Weaver III, of Hagerstown, offered an old stand-by - another drink.

"What kills you, cures you ..." said Weaver, 25, searching for the right expression.

"What ills you, kills you? What is it, Jason?" Weaver asked, looking to Keefer for some help.

And, if your resolution is to do better next year, Hiser has some advice:

"One glass of water for every drink, practically no hangover. Take an aspirin before you go to bed," she said.

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