Some still haven't paid taxes

December 30, 2006|by TARA REILLY

The amount of unpaid residential property taxes in Washington County is relatively small compared to what's collected.

But one way or another, even the delinquent bills will end up in the county's general fund.

"We collect every penny of real estate property tax," county Treasurer Todd Hershey said.

As of June 30 - the end of fiscal year 2006 - there were 118 outstanding residential accounts that owed $121,741 in property taxes, Hershey said.

About 5,100 property owners have not paid their taxes so far this year, but there still is time to pay before final legal notices go out March 1, Hershey said.

There are about 56,500 residential accounts in the county, he said.

Washington County anticipates receiving a little more than $87 million in real estate tax revenues in fiscal year 2007, according to the budget.


Property owners face losing their properties through a tax sale if they don't pay their taxes. The county then collects the tax owed through the tax sale.

Property owners, however, have time to redeem their properties before a foreclosure takes place.

Hershey estimated one in every 10 houses that are in a tax sale actually make it through the foreclosure stage.

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