What do YOU do on New Year's Eve?

December 26, 2006

Mary Kavanagh, Hagerstown

In my father's family, a tradition related to Father Time is that Daddy New Year travels around the world placing chocolates and small gifts in hats laid out by good children. When I was growing up, my brothers and sisters and I used to lay out every hat we could find, in hopes that Daddy New Year would stumble upon one.

To this day, wherever I am on New Year's Eve, I insist on laying out a hat at the front door, for Daddy New Year. Hopefully, Daddy New Year will be able to find me this year - I'll be on vacation.

Fedora Copley, Hagerstown

Ohio is far away, cold and bleak, right? Actually, when I think of Ohio, words like "awesome" come to mind. Every year, a couple days before New year's Day, my family drives to my aunt's house near Mount Victory, a remote town in northwest Ohio. With two sibs and five cousins, plus half a dozen aunts and uncles, we have a big, fun family reunion. We pitch in to cook meals, play board games, host neighboring Amish families for pizza and singing, exchange gifts, read last year's resolutions and play an annual game of broomball.


On New Year's Eve, old and young alike play charades or Taboo, staying up to wait expectantly for the minute we enter another year. I love being with my open, liberal (for the most part) extended family, talking about religion, politics, social issues - anything and everything.

Al Wunderlich, Hagerstown

New Year's is not cool! I usually end up eating shrimp with my brother and mom all night in the dark, watching the ball in New York go down. How sad.

Tessa Walls, Hancock

On New year's Eve, my family and I go to my grandmother's house and eat. We finish around 8 p.m. and then, for the rest of the night, we talk. Around midnight, we watch TV as the ball drops in New York, signaling the new year. After about 10 minutes of celebrating, we go to bed and fall asleep.

Sydney Tooley, Hagerstown

I love my family's New Year's Eve traditions. My family and my local relatives get together at my grandpa's house. My dad and my uncles (and cousin Raelinda, when she's there) watch football, especially Cowboys versus Redskins. I will probably watch it this year. My mom and aunts watch TV as the ball drops in New York. When it gets to the bottom, everyone in the living room toasts the new year with sparkling grape juice. We get home around 1 in the morning.

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