4-H'ers rock the competition

December 26, 2006

True or false?

A mare has more teeth than a gelding.

Don't know?

Well, the 4-H youths of Washington County could tell you.

4-H'ers, who are carrying a horse project, met for the Horse Council-sponsored horse knowledge bowl recently and showed that they know this and that they have learned much, much more this past year.

"Rock and Ride" came out on top in the first round, but "Rapid Riders" came back to win the second round.


A tiebreaker left the "Rock and Ride" kids as the champions, with a score of 57 to 50.

Teams were made up of kids from all three Washington County horse 4-H clubs - Bits and Bridles, Saddles 'n' Spurs and Red Ribbon.

If you have a horse loving child in your family, check out 4-H by calling the Extension office at 301-791-1404 and they'll connect you with club leaders.

Oh, and by the way, the answer to that first question is ...

False. A gelding has more teeth than a mare.

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