Mail Call

December 20, 2006

"Callers with substantive comments that may be of broad interest to the general public should be aware that this column's editor apparently employs judgmental exclusion in censoring submittals that tend to conflict with the editor's opinions."

"This goes out to the Washington County caller who said 'People, I'm done' because he's so worried about speaking languages other than English. He claims that it's a fact that our Declaration of Independence, etc. were all written in English. That's probably pretty true, but there's a lot of people that came over here that never spoke any English, and once they were here and adapted to our country, they learned English, but this is America and people have the freedom to speak any language they like, or make up their own language. Also he says 'It's not like we're an international travel destination or something.' Florida is one of the largest international travel destinations in the world. I saw this on PBS. I wonder how many languages are spoken in the state of Florida. Don't feel offended because you don't understand somebody else's language. They can speak it if they like. If they don't speak English, nine out of 10 times they're not gonna be here very long. Believe me, most Hispanics can speak English, if that's what your whole problem is."


- Hagerstown

"Since one caller is a scholar and authority on religion, maybe they are and maybe they are not. I think, since no one knows when Christ was born, it is nice to set aside one day a year in honor of His birth. Since December was chosen, I think the mistletoe and holly and evergreen are nice, too. It brings the best out in most human beings and Christ would want that."

- Maugansville

"Everyone complaining about America first ... Here's the deal. During Katrina, I delivered two loads of disaster aid. It was heart wrenching and I was overwhelmed at what I saw. I want to start a nonprofit organization called 'Americans for you America,' so that when we have a disaster, I (we) can be there before the government sticks its nose in it and messes everything up. This would include local disasters, fire, flood etc., etc. 100 percent of every dime and/or donation would go to helping someone in need. Unlike other organizations, we would not clutter the landfill with re-usable appliances and clothing. This is America and somewhere there is a home for everything."

"Three years ago, Joe Gibbs was brought back to the Washington Redskins to lead them back to the Super Bowl. In those three years he has changed players in virtually every position, spent millions of dollars to bring in quality players and whined about the officiating in some of their losses. He has achieved a record of 21 wins and 26 losses. Hardly a serious Super Bowl contender. The game has changed since Gibbs first coached the Redskins. As the saying goes, 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks.' Two years ago at Penn State the fans were chanting 'Joe must go.' It's time the fans in Washington take up that same chant and for the owner to look higher up the ladder (the top step) and make a change that is long overdue."

- Needmore, Pa.

"This is to the people who are complaining about people saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. People say happy holidays instead of saying Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. A person might not see you on Christmas, but will on other holidays in this season. So they say Happy Holidays!"

"Bush had to read off a piece of paper to say that the troops are on his mind. That's as bad as Rumsfeld using a stamp to sign the death certificates of the troops. He said he didn't have time to sign them."

- Clear Spring

"This is concerning the garbage truck pick-ups. Why do they let so much trash lie along the road where they pick up the garbage? They throw the trash cans just everywhere. They should be made to come back and clean it up. We try to keep this road clean, but some people don't even clean out around their mailboxes. It makes everybody's place look trashy. I hope they get it together on this and clean things up."

- Boonsboro

"Once again the Golden Globes have been announced. It seems the same people are up every year for these awards, and most of the movies nominated are the ones no one ever heard of or box office flops. It would be nice to see in your (You Said It) what the average moviegoer here in Washington County thinks; who should win and what picture should win."

- Hagerstown

"Hey, all you Redskins fans out there, Remember when they were 0 and 4 in the pre-season, and everybody said Joe Gibbs wasn't showing anything? Now they're 5 and 9 in the regular season. Don't you think it's about time Gibbs and all those geniuses down in Washington start showing something? Go, Ravens."


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