Blast from the Past

December 20, 2006

Week of Dec. 17, 1981

If you live in Pennsylvania and you get caught with out-of-state liquor, you have two chances of beating the rap: slim and none.

Records show that nearly 100 percent of those arrested plead guilty or are found guilty of liquor law violations by district judges. And nearly all who appeal the convictions are also found guilty.

Courts are usually well-convinced when liquor agents testify they followed a defendant's car from a Maryland liquor store into Pennsylvania where the liquor was confiscated. About the only leeway comes in the fines.


The U.S. Justice Department is investigating possible criminal actions involved with the construction of a sewer line through undeveloped land west of Hagerstown.

Two Environmental Protection Agency officials this week confirmed the probe, which has already brought allegations in an EPA audit that up to $1.1 million in federal funds may have been improperly spent on the city project.

The audit focuses on a two-mile-long sewer line running from Hagerstown's West End to an area north of Halfway Boulevard. The line, built mostly with federal and state money, goes through 206 acres of undeveloped land that the Washington County government bought last year for $1 million.

Week of Dec. 24, 1956

Weather that felt more like tulips and hyacinths than poinsettias may continue today around here.

The warmest pre-Christmas week in local memory brought the temperature up to 60 at the Bridgeport weather station of D. Paul Oswald yesterday. Moreover, the mercury fell only to 51 at 9 p.m., and the Weather Bureau saw no immediate break in this unusual mild spell.

Mr. Oswald pointed out, however, that yesterday wasn't the warmest day of the month as many persons suspected. The temperature got up to 73 on Dec. 7.

Yesterday morning's low was 44 at Bridgeport, and precipitation amounted to .21 of an inch during the 24 hours that ended at 6 p.m.

Fog was forecast by the Weather Bureau for this area, and pockets of it hung around mountainsides not far from Hagerstown during the day.

- Compiled by Josh Hughes

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