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December 18, 2006

Last week's question

Members of the Hagerstown City Council changed their minds a couple of times on the procedure for replacing Kristin Aleshire. How should they do it if a vacancy occurs again?

The next highest vote-getter should be placed in the vacant seat. We the people elected them, (not) the sitting body.

Judging by who the people vote for, I don't think it would be a good idea to let the people decide.

Elect two alternates when you have elections. That way, if someone's sick, resigns, gets tossed out for ethical violations, or whatever comes up, you already have "replacements" in place. Works for jury duty - 12 sitting and two alternates. Just do the same with local administrations.


Let Bob Maginnis decide. He wields power and his compassionate piece on homelessness at Christmas shows he knows just how to resolve all the tough issues by digging into his handy little manila files he keeps for reference.

Leave the position empty until the next election. Return the unpaid salary to the taxpayers.

The first person to guess how many downtown establishments that advertise in this newspaper AND sell alcohol, fills the vacancy.

I think they should narrow it down to three candidates and hold a special election for those three candidates.

This week's question

What is the nicest thing anyone did to make you really feel the Christmas spirit? Responses will be posted on the Web site and on this page on Tuesday, Dec. 26.

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