County lists proposals for legislative session

December 13, 2006|by TARA REILLY

State funding for a central booking facility, a law to protect children from predators and the authority to issue civil citations for trade and building violations are on the list of proposals the Washington County Commissioners plan to pursue in Annapolis in the upcoming legislative session.

The commissioners discussed the legislative proposals at a meeting Tuesday. Included in the requests are:

· That the local delegation continue to support state funding for a central booking facility in the county, which officials have said would speed up the arrest process for local police departments.

· The authority to increase the number of people from a fire company who may be appointed to perform deputy sheriff duties. They would be able to perform the duties going to, at or returning from fires, accidents, floods, other emergencies or other functions.

· A proposal to adopt legislation making it a crime to intentionally lure a child into a motor vehicle or structure without the presence of the child's parents and with the intent to commit a criminal act.


· Legislation be approved that would require figures specific to Washington County be used to determine the prevailing local wage for projects for which prevailing wage must be used.

· The authority of the county to issue civil citations in the enforcement of trade and building codes.

· The authorization to issue $80 million of general obligation bonds over the next four years to finance public facilities construction.

Commissioner William J. Wivell opposed asking for the authority to issue civil citations for trade and building code violations and to issue $80 million in bonds, while Commissioners Vice President Terry L. Baker wasn't ready to make a decision on those two items. The other three commissioners supported those proposals.

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