Williamsport briefs

December 13, 2006|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

Wachovia chosen to manage program

WILLIAMSPORT - The town has chosen Wachovia Securities to manage its 401(k) program for employees.

The Williamsport Town Council voted 5-0 on Monday to pick Wachovia over Edward Jones, another firm.

Clerk/Treasurer James R. Castle said a third firm briefly was interested, but didn't make a presentation.

Councilman Jeff Cline abstained from the vote. He said he didn't see one of the presentations. When he tried to listen to it on tape, the sound quality was poor, so he couldn't hear what was said, he said.

The town will pay Wachovia less than $2,000 for the work.

Mayor James C. McCleaf II said he could have made the decision on his own, since the expenditure was under a certain limit, but he preferred letting the town council have input.

McCleaf said he used to be frustrated as a councilman when he was told about decisions affecting the town after they had been made.


Participation in essay contest increases

WILLIAMSPORT - The theme of the 2007 "If I Were Mayor, I Would..." essay contest is how to educate young people about municipal government and get them involved, Councilman Jeff Cline said Monday.

Cline said Maryland had a record number of entries from students last year. Washington County's participation tripled, from 99 to 319, he said.

The contest, for fourth-graders, is sponsored by Maryland Municipal League and the Maryland Mayors' Association.

Three goals listed for town's pool

WILLIAMSPORT - The three goals for the town pool at Byron Memorial Park in 2007 are better ventilation for the showers and office, a good sound system and accessibility for people with disabilities, Councilman Nelson F. Deal said Monday.

Deal, who oversees the pool operations, also said he'd like to see the program for swimming lessons expanded.

Dominion to pay town for overcharge

WILLIAMSPORT - The town will receive $13,000 back from Dominion Energy Marketing, Councilman James C. Kalbfleisch said Monday.

Clerk/Treasurer James R. Castle said Dominion based its charge to the town on an estimate. Then, when it read the meters at the end of the billing period, it owed the town a refund, which is normal, he said.

Dominion supplied electricity to Williamsport before the town switched back to Allegheny Energy Supply this year.

Byron Park holiday display draws crowd

WILLIAMSPORT - About 3,600 vehicles passed through Byron Memorial Park from Sunday to Friday to see the Christmas light display, Mayor James G. McCleaf II said Monday.

Council members praised town employees for the work they did on the display.

W.Va. UAW group to use Byron Park

WILLIAMSPORT - United Auto Workers Local 1590 in Berkeley County, W.Va., will be charged $700 to use Byron Memorial Park on July 15, 2007, the Williamsport Town Council unanimously decided on Monday.

Clerk/Treasurer James R. Castle said that's the same fee the town charged the union last time.

Two plan to restore slave quarters

WILLIAMSPORT - The Williamsport Town Council on Monday unanimously approved a request by Mark Beasley and Wayne Hutzel that they be allowed to restore the slave quarters at the town's tenant house on Springfield Lane.

They will do the work using their own money, according to a memo by Clerk/Treasurer James R. Castle.

Parking meter money separated

WILLIAMSPORT - Larry Lewis, the town's meter reader, and Clerk/Treasurer James R. Castle did a more detailed report recently on the town's parking meters, Assistant Mayor Monty R. Jones said Monday.

Lewis and Castle separated the money collected from each meter, so the town could see how much money each meter brings in, said Jones, who is in charge of the town's streets and alleys department.

Resident deputies log arrests, tickets

WILLIAMSPORT - The Washington County Sheriff's Department's resident deputies responded to 228 complaints in Williamsport in November, according to a report presented to the town council on Monday.

Deputies arrested two adults and four juveniles. They issued nine speeding tickets, 16 other tickets and 28 warnings. One person was charged with driving while intoxicated or under the influence.

The report says a juvenile was arrested at Williamsport High School in a drug distribution case on Nov. 1.

SHA representatives to check roads

WILLIAMSPORT - Maryland State Highway Administration representatives will visit Williamsport at the end of the month to look at roads and get an idea of which projects should be priorities, Assistant Mayor Monty R. Jones said Monday.

McKee office space rate increased

WILLIAMSPORT - Maryland Del. Robert A. McKee, R-Washington, will continue to use an upstairs office at Williamsport Town Hall for four more years.

The council voted unanimously Monday to renew the town's lease with McKee.

McKee will pay $200 a month, up from the current rate of $160 a month.

Mayor James G. McCleaf II said the increase was because of rising costs, such as utilities.

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