Teachers association loses e-mail privileges

December 12, 2006|by ERIN CUNNINGHAM

The Washington County Teachers Association said Monday that its e-mail privileges had been revoked by the county's Board of Education.

A school board official said the action was taken after the teachers association president used the e-mail system inappropriately.

"The board of education has revoked e-mail privileges for every educational association in the county," said T. Scott Miller, Maryland State Teachers Association UniServ director and chief negotiator.

He said the action was taken about five weeks ago.

Tim Thornburg, employee and labor relations coordinator for the board and chief negotiator, said the board revoked the privileges because Teachers Association President Claude Sasse violated the association communications part of the contract.

It states, "The system may not be used to distribute political materials from any source, including WCTA recommendations for candidates," according to a copy of the contract provided by Thornburg.


He said revoking the use of e-mail had nothing to do with the negotiation sessions.

Miller declined to say why the e-mail privileges of the Teachers Association were revoked. They also were terminated for a separate union for educational support personnel, Thornburg said.

A letter was sent to Sasse by a school official saying that the board would consider "turning" privileges back on if Sasse admitted that the contract was violated, Thornburg said.

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