Sweet scenes but a bit uneven

December 12, 2006|by SARA MARTENS


"The Holiday" is a touching story about two women - Amanda and Iris - who exchange houses over Christmas to get over the men in their lives and heal their broken hearts. Along the way, they find unexpected love.

But what happens after their holiday is over?

Amanda (Cameron Diaz) finds love with Iris' widowed brother, Graham (Jude Law). Iris (Kate Winslet) meets former screenwriter Arthur (Eli Wallach), who gives her the inspiration to stand up for herself. Then she finds potential love in Miles (Jack Black), a film composer.

This romantic comedy begins with Iris, a British journalist, and Amanda, a movie trailer editor, and the men in their lives who leave them broken. Comic moments are mixed in with the drama as their love lives hit the rocks. The movie is uneven. Some scenes drag on and on. Others have random bursts of humor and tender scenes that make you think, "Ah, how sweet."


The theme of the movie is rather clichd, but you can't help but root for Amanda as she gives Graham a chance to enter her heart. You can't help but cheer Iris on as she finally gets up the courage to tell off Jasper, her ex, and move on.

However, the movie's ending is unclear. Amanda sees Miles on New Year's Eve, but what happens afterward?

Highlights? Some great Christmas songs and a hilarious scene where Amanda sings along with a stereo blasting "Mr. Brightside." Also, there is drop-dead-gorgeous formalwear throughout the movie, though most costumes are low-key, mostly casual with some adorable winter outfits worn by Amanda.

"The Holiday" isn't a must see, but it is a heartwarming story worth considering.

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