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December 11, 2006

This week's question

What was the last gift you purchased from a retail store in downtown Hagerstown and who was it for?

I recently made a purchase for my mother from the Potomac Bead Company. This is a fantastic business across from the library, and is owned by a very young couple who I hope do really well.

Downtown Hagerstown has stores?

Lunch for five of my co-workers, when there was still a People's Drug store on the square with a lunch counter, and we still had 56 minutes for lunch to support downtown eateries and get back to work.

Not recently and not anytime soon. The area is just not accessible and the shops are not appealing to the "average consumer." Sorry.


Well, One, Two Kangaroo didn't last and my kids loved going there and I didn't mind paying a little extra for quality educational toys every once in a while. I like to browse in the shops downtown, as many of them have lovely items.

But, we're on a pretty tight budget (single-income family) and I just can't shop just for the heck of it anymore.

But, you can't really beat Ingram's Men's Shop. I've always gone there for dressier men's items and I've always been treated like a customer should be. I won't go anywhere else for men's clothing gifts.

I have lived just outside of town for more than 16 years and have never purchased anything in any of the stores in downtown Hagerstown.

I would like to but there are so few stores of any quality and little parking except on-street parking.

Downtown has a lot of potential. Many who have not been there in years should just walk around the first few blocks of Potomac and Washington to see the new businesses that are really reshaping the city.

Two rings for my wife from Carson's on the Square.

A bunch of things, really. I bought a nice suit from Hoffman's Men's Wear (for me), a pewter pitcher from Carol & Company for my sister, a book on Hagerstown from the visitor's center for my brother-in-law the history buff, a snowman mug for my wife from Maggie's Hang-Ups and a gift basket for a co-worker from Basketful of Gifts.

It's easy to sneer at downtown, but the nice thing about shopping there is that you see the same people every time. And, not only do they remember your name, they remember what you like. Try getting that anywhere else.

This week's question

Members of the Hagerstown City Council changed their minds a couple of times on the procedure for replacing Kristin Aleshire. How should they do it if a vacancy occurs again? Responses will be posted on The Herald-Mail Web site at and on this page on Monday, Dec. 18.

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