Veteran officer resigns, to run for sheriff

December 07, 2006|by KATE S. ALEXANDER

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Officer Bill Kauffman resigned this week after 32 years of service in the Waynesboro Police Department so he could run for the position of Franklin County Sheriff.

A lifetime resident of Waynesboro, Kauffman said he made the decision to run for sheriff after several community members asked him to enter the race.

Police Chief Ray Shultz said he is sad to see Kauffman leave, but that he wishes him the best in his campaign for sheriff.

"Bill was hired in Waynesboro two weeks after I was. We came through the program together. I hate to see him go," he said.


Kauffman, who currently works full time as a deputy sheriff for Franklin County, said he was required to resign from his part-time job as an officer if he wanted to run for the office.

"You can't run for elected office if you are associated with the courts," he said. "Police officers are consider to be associated, so I had to resign."

If not elected in either the May 2007 primary or the November 2007 election, Kauffman said he will continue to serve as a deputy sheriff.

The resignation of Kauffman from the police department was effective Dec. 4 and leaves the force with one part-time officer.

At the Waynesboro Borough Council meeting Wednesday, the council voted to fill the final vacancy on the force and hired Michael Broas as a full-time officer. Shultz said Broas will bring the force to 20 full-time officers.

Broas served in Waynesboro from May 2001 to July 2005. Shultz said Broas applied to be an officer in Waynesboro again because he missed doing actual police work.

Broas will be paid at grade 2, Shultz said and will make $19.12 per hour. The chief added that Broas will not be given any seniority but that his prior service will count toward his pension.

No date has been set when Broas will rejoin the force.

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