Hospice staff members get national certification

December 07, 2006

Hospice of Washington County, Inc., (HWC) is pleased to announce the recent certification of several members of their interdisciplinary team through the National Board for Certification of Hospice & Palliative Nurses.

The NBCHPN offers a specific certification exam for both nurses and certified nursing assistants relevant to their scope of practice to promote delivery of comprehensive hospice nursing care.

This certification validates the personal and professional growth one must obtain in the practice of hospice and palliative nursing and sets a standard of requisite knowledge required for certification.

HWC team members are encouraged to seek certification once they have practiced in the field pertaining to end-of-life care and acquiring a level of knowledge sufficient to pass the examination.


The team represented is a cross-section of the entire organization at HWC.

Jeff Crosby is responsible for education and sat for his re-certification, which must be done every three years.

Jodi Ramsey and Melanie Clifford, liaisons within the Community Relations Department, work closely with physicians, nursing homes, assisted living and Washington County Hospital to ensure open communication and ease of access to hospice services.

Mary Marx and Tammy Neville, team coordinator and case manager, respectively, work within the Clinical Department and provide direct care to patients currently enrolled for hospice care at HWC.

Pat Smith, admissions RN, works within the Community Relations Department, completing initial visits with patients that entering the hospice program.

Dawn Pitzer and Kathy Jackson provide personal care to patients and assist them with daily living.

The mission of HWC is to serve all residents in Washington County needing end of life care with superior care that is evidenced through knowledge, clinical ability and compassion.

If you would like to learn more about hospice services or have questions about how you or someone you love might benefit, please call 301-791-6360.

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