What NOT to give a teenager

December 05, 2006|by TESSA WALLS

Christmas rolls around and relatives are rushing, trying to pick out a gift for teenage children, nieces and nephews or grandkids.

Of course, no teenager gets specific about what they want. They will just briefly say they want "clothes." Parents end up buying polka-dotted sweaters, five sizes too large, thinking they will look "just darling" on their child. The teenager looks up from the sweater on Christmas day and asks, "Did you keep the receipt?"

Teenagers have changed since the last decade and do not seem to like the clothes their parents like.

And Teenagers like today's technology - iPods, digital cameras and DVDs - no Kmart specials, nothing educational, and no old records from the '60s.

Save the embarassment and forget about the polka-dotted sweater. For parents' benefit and teenagers' relief, I have compiled a list of what not to give a teenager.


10 Christmas gifts NOT to give your teenager

1. Plain white socks

2. A calender ... for 2006

3. Really heinous-looking sweaters

4. VCR tapes

5. A dictionary or thesaurus

6. History books

7. Any form of literature

8. Hand-me-downs

9. Pens and pencils

10. A "Kids Bop" CD

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