Sharpsburg still plagued by crime

December 05, 2006|by TARA REILLY

SHARPSBURG -Sharpsburg residents told the Town Council Monday that crime continues to be a problem in the town.

Residents said they've had gas stolen from their vehicles and other items stolen from their properties. One man said drug dealing is taking place near residences on Chapline Street. The residents said they know who is responsible for the crimes but the Washington County Sheriff's Department hasn't been helpful.

Last month, residents said windows were being shot out, rocks were being thrown through windows and that teenagers were damaging property.

The Town Council said it has met with the Sheriff's Department about the crime.

Mayor Hal Spielman said the department has agreed to restructure the hours of the town's resident deputy, and that the town was talking about paying for additional police protection during hours in which most of the crime takes place. He said it's normally when kids are out of school.


"The Sheriff's Department said they will work with us," Spielman said.

The Sheriff's Department also suggested that residents form a neighborhood watch group to keep an eye out for crime, Spielman said. Police would meet with the residents to show them how to set it up, Spielman said.

The department said installing additional lighting in alleys would be another way to deter crime, Councilman Jeffrey Saylor said.

The Town Council planned to meet in closed session Monday night to discuss the issue.

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