Juvenile court briefs

November 30, 2006|by PEPPER BALLARD

Teen admits she stole from her grandmother

A 17-year-old girl admitted in Washington County juvenile court Wednesday that she stole some of her grandmother's jewelry in May and June.

The girl, who admitted to misdemeanor theft, was ordered to serve indefinite supervised probation by Circuit Judge Donald E. Beachley, sitting in juvenile court.

As a condition of her probation, the girl must finish a drug addiction counseling program, which she entered after charges were brought against her.

Beachley told the girl, "You understand why you didn't get locked up today? You're trying to help yourself ... Now you have to start taking it one day at a time. You have to wake up and say, 'I'm not going to use today.'"


The girl's grandmother told police that she believed her granddaughter stole her jewelry to support a drug habit, Washington County Assistant State's Attorney Gina Cirincion said.

The girl's grandmother teared up after telling Beachley that she didn't want her granddaughter to get locked up.

"It's pretty lousy for her to steal from her grandmother," Beachley said. The grandmother nodded.

Cirincion said the girl stole the jewelry from her grandmother's jewelry box between May 10 and June 8 and asked two adult male friends to pawn the jewelry for her. Police recovered most of the jewelry, Cirincion said. The girl owes $110 to her grandmother and $115 to the pawn shop, which Beachley ordered to be paid within eight months.

Boy placed on probation for cocaine possession

A 12-year-old boy admitted to possession of cocaine Wednesday in Washington County juvenile court and was ordered to serve indefinite supervised probation.

Washington County Assistant State's Attorney Gina Cirincion said a Hagerstown Police Department officer who went to the boy's middle school Oct. 30 for a reported assault found the boy sitting on the floor "with a chair knocked over next to him."

While the boy was waiting in the principal's office, he was seen "trying to pass something on to another student," she said. The boy was fidgeting with his shoes, a search of which uncovered cocaine, she said.

The boy's attorney, Assistant Public Defender Stephen Bergman, said that the boy's parents searched him at school. The boy's father said that he has noticed "a difference" in the boy since he served community detention pending his Wednesday disposition.

"He knows he better pick his friends better than what he's been picking," the boy's father said.

Circuit Judge Donald E. Beachley, sitting in juvenile court, asked the boy, "Did you learn anything from this?"

The boy responded, "Pick my friends and not get into trouble anymore."

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