Nontraditional gift ideas

November 30, 2006

Following are some ideas for nontraditional gifts:

· A handmade quilt, which could be made from items with sentimental value.

· A handmade afghan or throw.

· A savings bond.

· A handmade wooden item, such as a bookshelf or trunk.

· A scrapbook filled with family photos, mementos and written memories.

· A copy of the family tree, with descriptions of the people on some of the earlier branches.

· A handpainted picture.

· Old home videos converted to DVD.

· A framed family portrait.


· Handmade ornaments.

· Handcrafted jewelry.

· Personalized poem.

· "Gift certificate" for baby-sitting services.

· Plane ticket home for a holiday visit.

· A homecooked meal.

· A family heirloom with sentimental value.

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