Live chat with Hagerstown Mayor Robert Bruchey - transcript

November 28, 2006

Mayor Robert Bruchey is now in his second term and faces some interesting challenges, including finding new sources of revenue, overseeing the repair and upgrade of the city sewer plant and watching the council decide on a replacement for Kristin Aleshire. Our chat will start at 1:00 pm and end at 2:00 pm today. Questions or comments can be submitted by clicking here before and during the chat.

The text of the live discussion will flow into the bottom of this page during its live hour. You can either click "Refresh" on your browser window or hit "F5" on your keyboard to see new responses. Make sure you scroll down to see the latest answers.

Victor: Our town is growing as we all know. we making the city look great new housing but are city needs to make the pay rates higher for the blue collar woker becase $300 just does not get it done I belive if pay rates went up are city would grow to be a great city but if they do'nt are city + will have two types of house holds one's that have ones that do not have. There will be no middle. this town was never like that before but now it is.


Mayor Bruchey: Do we need higher-paying jobs in Washington County? Sure! The ability to attract higher-paying jobs is in direct correlation to higher education. We are progressing in the field of higher education and with the help of The Economic Development Commission our goal is to recruit high-tech jobs in Washington County. Continued education is the key to higher-pMaying jobs even in the blue-collar sector.


The christmas tree looks horrible! I hope you didnt have to pay someone for that! can you do siomething to make our tree a little more respectable looking? It is shameful to have such an ugly tree representing our city. Charlie Brown's tree doesn't belong in the middle of hagerstown

Mayor Bruchey: I can remember a time when a beautiful tree stood in the center of the square, a time when people didn't take ornaments and lights off of the tree. Unfortunately, those days are gone. We try to make downtown as festive as possible and still stay within a budget. If anyone would like to donate decorations for the tree, please feel free to call my office. Thank you.

Sam: Mayor Bob,

First off thank you for joining us. my question is one that has been troubling local citizens for the past year. what can we do to keep these drug running criminals from NY off our city streets? Drugs, murders of innocent civilians, and shootings are becoming more commonplace in our city because of this NY influence. I personally have asked yourself and several other local politicians what can be done and you all seem to have the same answer. "Nothing, its a state problem. we cant keep them out". How many hagerstown citizens are going to be shot and killed before you or someone else goes to Annapolis or the federal government to seek some help?

Mayor Bruchey: Actually, we have sought help from Annapolis and we are looking forward to this session to help us with this problem. In America, people have a right to live where they choose. That being said, it is my desire to send parolees back to the jurisdiction from which they came. Unfortunately, those New Yorkers who are arrested here for drug or violent crime are sentenced in Washington County, and so sending them back to the jurisdiction in which they are sentenced does not work. We must institute legislation that returns those convicted in Washington County back to their home address.

Mr. Fulmor: Mr. mayor

You seem to be one of the only local politicians that is smart enough and technologically savvy enough to keep up with your constituents through the Herald Mail forums and everyone appreciates your candor and helpfulness there. A member recently ststed that you publically said that "you read it but don't post there" Theres only 10 or 12 people that read that. why would you say such a thing when a lot of the people there have looked to you for guidance and help and helped you spread your message when needed? It almost feels insulting that you would dismiss such a large group of people like that.

Mayor Bruchey: I believe I explained myself in the forums. My statements were not meant to be disrespectful to anybody who frequents the Herald-Mail forums. It was said mainly to have the people in that meeting understand that we fail to get the people the information they need.

Todd: Can you still get me a good deal on a new car? Or do your mayorial duties cut into the car selling?

Mayor Bruchey: New or used, it doesn't matter. Give me a call.

Kris: Is it true that you are happy mr. Aleshire is moving on to the county position and will be out of your hair?

Mayor Bruchey: I wish Mr. Aleshire much success at his new county position. The city's loss is also the city's gain. Having someone with intimate knowledge of city government at the county level can only help the city of Hagerstown accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

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