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November 27, 2006

Last week's question

What recent news story, local or national, has warmed your heart or brought a smile to your face? No political topics, please.

Pulling the plug on the O.J. book and interview in response to massive protests from the public and Fox commentator Bill O'Reilly. This matter demonstrates that many Americans are still willing to stand up for decency. Give Rupert Murdoch a thumbs up!

Now if Murdoch would bring his Page 3 girls from his British paper to a U.S. paper and be truly fair and balanced, I'd give him two thumbs up and have a smile on my face!


People allowing other customers to get the last item available wthout pushing and fighting. Customers not hogging items, taking one or two and allowing others a chance to get at least one. Oh, no wait ... I think that was a dream. I hope you were kind to one another Black Friday!

That the Sudanese are willing to allow a combined UN and AU relief effort into Darfur to help those people. It's not nearly enough, but it's more than what the government's done for these people before now.

Seeing Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes go to the Maldive Islands for their honeymoon. When I was in the Navy, my ship went there for a few days. It was gorgeous. Maybe I could get The Herald-Mail to print some of my photos.

When George Bush gave that turkey a pardon, I laughed my head off. That turkey would sure have tasted good this Thanksgiving. If I were president, I would have slaughtered it on national TV and ordered the White House chef to cook that turkey and feed the homeless and those who are hungry.

I will vote that person above. He's got the right ideal. Off with that turkey's head ...

This week's question

Maryland Public Safety Secretary Mary Ann Saar announced Nov. 22 she will retire Jan. 17, a day before six inmates were injured in a series of stabbings at Roxbury Correctional Institution. How can Saar's successor make the state's prisons safer? Responses will be posted on The Herald-Mail Web site at and on this page on Monday., Dec. 4

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