What Do You Think?

November 26, 2006

Editor's note: Each week, The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on its Web site, Readers also may submit comments about the poll question when voting. Each Sunday, a sampling of edited reader comments will run in The Herald-Mail.

There were two poll questions last week. The first question was: What's your reaction to the decision not to publish O.J. Simpson's new book in which he says how he would have murdered - if he committed the crime - his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman?

As of Wednesday at noon, 200 voters (52 percent) said it was absolutely the right move, while five voters (1 percent) said they wanted to read the book and 10 voters (3 percent) said O.J. should self-publish the book. Another 171 voters (44 percent) said O.J. should self-destruct.

"This is disgusting! Only in America can someone hypothetically confess to a crime he was accused of committing and hold it out as a means of making money! Makes you wish double jeopardy had a special loophole so he could stand trial again and those families could get the justice they deserve. Anyone else doing the happy dance since his little TV deal on this book got axed?"


"O.J. Simpson is a pig! No one in their right mind would believe that he is innocent. Then to come out with such a book, he is admitting his guilt right there! If he didn't do it then why isn't he out looking for the 'killer' like he said he would. He is just slapping the two families involved right in the face and saying, 'Ha, Ha, see I got away with murder.' He should be executed in a public square!"

"O.J. will take the $$, NO DUH!! For someone to offer $$ to him and then try to make $$ off of the murder of his 'what if' theories, when the majority of people think HE KILLED HIS WIFE AND FRIEND, that's the sad part. No double jeopardy laws protect him."

"Why doesn't this paper come up with something worth talking about? They put their selves on the same level of the trash that they are presenting."

"Mother always said 'what goes around, comes around' ... he will get his due in time. I still think he killed them."

"Stuff a football in O.J.'s mouth and keep it there! ... forever!"

"I see the paper decided to include this question. I should work for the paper! I was calling for this ban last week and here it is - banned. Fox should be ashamed of themselves for ever having it in their arsenal of ideas. Now they 'pulled it.' Does any of you think this decision was because they cared about Nicole and Ron's families? Don't be duped. Of course they don't care. If they cared, they never would have decided to do it. It's all about RATINGS in the media and what they think will sell and be watched. Ratings people, not common human decency. After they got bombarded with calls, letters and e-mails from viewers saying they'd boycott Fox - they panicked and canceled it."

"I thought they should let 'him' write the book, do the interview, and all monies should have been given to Nicole's children and towards the $33.5 million civil suit awarded the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson."

"O.J. is a murderer and he knows he can say the truth now because of double (jeopardy). We all knew he did it back then and he will see how karma works. Wouldn't this book be a great bedtime story he can read his children??? What a jerk! He will get his!"

"He must be hard up for either attention or money. NOW he decides to tell the truth!!"

"He already did self-destruct. All that's left is for the news media to ignore him and let him disappear."

"O.J. made sure the monies he was to receive from the book were to go directly into an account for his children. In that way it was protected from being taken by the court to pay some of the money awarded to the families because of their civil suit. It's my understanding he received a $3.5 million advance from the publisher. Is he laughing all the way to the bank?"

"I hope the killer (rots) in hell."

"It is wrong to censor this book or any book. People in our country should vote with their pocketbooks. This man thrives on attention, take that away, and you will hurt him the most. In the end, he will be punished and he must live with that heavy (weight) every day."

"Would you accept money from a guy that stabbed your child to death? The Brown and Goldman families are doing just fine. They don't want blood money from the very guy who killed their kids! He was ordered by a judge to pay back $33 million ANYWAY. He has not paid back a dime. What makes you think he would start now? O.J. can make money anyway he chooses, but NOT from the (murders) HE committed! He can sign autographs (who would want it?) or whatever he chooses. Don't let Fox fool you either that THEY are the saviors of the cancellations. ... It was Fox's idea to exploit these murders, now they act like saviors? Fox is the 'No FACT Zone.'"

The second question was: Do you go shopping the day after Thanksgiving?

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