Thanksgiving Day 2006

November 23, 2006

We hope those who are reading this in today's combined edition of The Morning Herald and The Daily Mail have gathered with their families, not only to enjoy the feast that's traditional on this holiday, but also to give thanks for the blessings they've received during the past year.

For several years now, it's been our custom on this day to publicly thank those who make it possible for Herald-Mail employees to do their jobs, and today will be no exception. We are thankful for the following:

Our readers, who not only pay for our product, but offer constructive criticism and tips on newsworthy events in our circulation area.

Our advertisers, whose paid notices for products and services generate revenue that keeps the price of the newspaper far lower than it would be without their help.


Our news sources, including those in private life and private business who talk to our reporters not because they have to, but because they feel an obligation to share facts about newsworthy events with our readers, sometimes even when they've experienced a great personal loss.

Our reporters and editors, without whose dedication and talent there would be no news to read in The Herald-Mail.

Our carriers, distribution people, mail room workers and circulation department workers, many of whom get up before sunrise to make sure that The Morning Herald is delivered on time, so that readers can get their first dose of news before they go to work.

Our advertising salespeople and the business office, who make sure that the bills are paid, and that's there's enough revenue coming in to pay them.

Our pre-press assembly employees and the press room crew, who turn pages into plates so the presses can roll on time and create an attractive product.

Our information systems people, who keep the computers that control just about everything else running smoothly.

Our marketing department and the people who have worked hard to produce quality books dealing with the history of Washington County and those local residents who have served in the armed forces.

Our Newspaper In Education department, for making it possible for students to use newspapers as a learning tool in the classroom, while building the next generation of readers at the same time.

Our building systems people, who make sure we're warm in winter, cool in the summer and have a safe, comfortable environment to work in all the time.

If we've left anyone out, we apologize, but just as in any large family, it takes many different pieces to make up the whole. Happy Thanksgiving.

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