School Board asks for $312 million in CIP funds

November 22, 2006|by ERIN CUNNINGHAM

HAGERSTOWN - The Washington County Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a $312 million funding request for maintenance and building projects through 2013.

The request included plans for at least three new schools in the county.

The local capital improvement budget request is prepared annually and submitted to Washington County Commissioners.

The request includes more than $53 million for fiscal year 2008 to be spent primarily on the new Pangborn Elementary School, which officials have said will open in 2008. A planned Westfields Elementary School also will receive a large portion of the requested funds, according to documents.

Funds for each of those projects also extends into the fiscal year 2009 request.

More than $34 million has been requested for fiscal year 2010, with the bulk of that money being spent on a new Eastern Primary School, according to documents.

Funding for a nonexistent "East City High School" begins in fiscal year 2010. A "West City Elementary School" and a "North County Elementary School" also are new schools, and funding for those projects has been requested in the fiscal year 2013 budget.


The fiscal year 2008 request includes about $3.4 million in capital maintenance projects, like lighting and sidewalks, documents state. It also includes more than $3 million in roofing projects, security replacements, sprinkler systems and other items.

There also is a $80,000 request for the installation of computer network wiring and electrical upgrades to Bester, Hickory and Cascade elementary schools. To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, $100,000 has been requested for the installation of necessary items at E. Russell Hicks and Springfield middle schools.

In fiscal year 2008, the school system also is requesting $575,000 for five portable classrooms. These will be divided among Boonsboro, Greenbrier and Old Forge elementary schools.

School Board President W. Edward Forrest said the portables are mostly to accommodate students enrolled in full-day kindergarten classes.

Officials said not all of the money requested will come from local funds. Some of the requests are eligible for state funding or grants.

Board Member Roxanne Ober was not present at the meeting.

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