Hoover is high point rider at dressage show

November 21, 2006

Despite several inches of rain the night before and a cold wind, 28 rides were judged at the Fall Western Maryland Dressage Show at the Agricultural Center recently.

The high point trophy was awarded to Anna Hoover for her ride aboard Robin's Painted Hood. Emily Mercier was awarded the reserve trophy for her ride on Bugg Off.

Other top riders included Michaela Brewer, Emily Mercier, Carlin Pate, Zoe Chapelle, Casey Brennan, Patti Puglisi, Lilli Sutton, Kelsey Rosen, Ali Chisholm, and Heather Jones.

Den Burdette judged the show. Cathy Vancour was the scribe, providing each rider with written feedback to guide their training and work.


"While a winning ride may look effortless to spectators, but it is the result of lots of hard work," said LeAnn Johnson, secretary of the Washington County Horse Council.

"Each element of a memorized pattern is rated from 0-10 points depending on factors such as balance and smoothness of turns, quality of gaits, straightness of lines, the horse's attention and responsiveness to its rider, and the rider's position, seat and ability to control the horse," she said.

While most of the day's riders were mounted English, dressage forms the foundation for all riding disciplines.

"An important aspect of this show is that classes were available for both Western and English riders, beginners and those who are more advanced. The goal is for riders to show their horsemanship skills as they progress from level to level over the years," Johnson said.

If you would like to be contacted about future Horse Council sponsored events, e-mail a request to and indicate WCHC on the subject line.

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