Better than a sharp stick in the eye

November 21, 2006|by BRAD SMITH


"Magnetica" is a game for Nintendo DS in which you try to toss marbles from the center of the screen to the rotating marbles on the outer edge. Once you get three marbles of the same color touching they disappear.

Magnetica is part of the Touch Generation, a group of games designed to utilize the bottom touch screen on the DS. Personally, I didn't have much fun with this game. I mean, yeah, it's a good puzzle fix, but is it really worth the $40 you have to pony up for it?

It did live up to the touch-screen expectations, but the fun didn't last. I got bored with this game in roughly an hour and a half. It seemed to play, aside from the touching thing, like a solitaire game you play on the Internet to keep yourself busy for a few minutes. Also there was not any urge for me to pick it up and play it again.


A good waste of time? Yes.

A good $40 waste of time? No.

There's not much more to say about "Magnetica." The designers did try to incorporate side bonus levels to spice it up a bit. At some points, I found it hard, even for me, and what's the point of a game if the best of puzzle players can't get past the fifth level?

On the bright side, it wasn't the worst game I've ever played. I did have more fun with "Magnetica" than with "Metroid Prime Pinball."

If you're looking for a quick puzzle fix, buy "Tetris."

I give "Magnetica" for the Nintendo DS six cracked marbles out of 10.

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