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November 20, 2006

Last week's question

Hagerstown City Councilman Kristin Aleshire has been elected as a Washington County Commissioner. Should the city council hold secret interviews with possible replacements or allow the public to listen?

It doesn`t matter. Can you say click?

Who do you mean by "public?" If it were an election, only city residents could vote, so since city residents elected the council, secret interviews are fine. Besides city voters (state Delegate District 2C) have demonstrated they are much more in tune with the state and country than the rest of this county is anyhow.

The county has too much of their noses in our lives. We should keep our noses in their business like they do ours to see how they like it.

Why are interviews necessary?

I think that the charter leaves the process a bit too open. What makes sense to me is to have the mayor appoint a potential replacement who he feels would work well with the mayor and council. The council should then interview this candidate in a public forum and vote to accept the mayor's appointee or not.


Allow the public to listen and ask questions.

It just doesn't make sense to have a secret proceeding for something such as finding a replacement for what is otherwise an elected position.

It's not like you're looking for a secretary, when no one cares about their qualifications, except for the person who's depending on them to keep their stuff straight.

The people of this city should have the opportunity to know 1. who's being considered for the post and their qualifications and 2. to at least view a transcript of the interview or interviews conducted by the council for each candidate.

Then, when it's time for elections again, the "hired" member can either run in their own right to keep the position or leave it up for grabs again for someone else to be elected to it.

With a king, three queens and a joker. Why not.

Allow the public to listen.

Mr. Aleshire should have honored his commitment as a City Councilman prior to running for County Commissioner. Perhaps Linn Hendershot is available

This week's question

What recent news story, local or national, has warmed your heart or brought a smile to your face? No political topics, please. Responses will be posted on The Herald-Mail Web site at and on this page on Monday. Nov. 27.

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