What's a prep playoff game without the band?

November 19, 2006|by TIM KOELBLE

Two weeks ago, I wrote in my blog that Boonsboro had become my favorite high school band because it played the Notre Dame fight song.

At Friday night's playoff game at Boonsboro, with Allegany in town, there was something missing ... something loud missing.

It was a playoff game, and it should have had what it was missing - the feel of a playoff game.

Also among the missing was the Boonsboro band.

I was told the band director had a previous personal engagement. Because he was unable to be at the event, that meant the band could not be there to perform.

I also was told there was a "junior band director" at Boonsboro High School.

Well, then why wasn't the band in attendance under the direction of that person?

Maybe it's a school policy, or a policy of the Washington County Board of Education, that a band cannot perform if its band director is not in attendance. If so, that's fine.


But there are parents of band members who are actively involved with their boy or girl in the band. Why couldn't they have been on hand?

Personally, I would have made sure my school band was at the game, striking up the notes to help maximize the playoff experience. There was a wonderful crowd at the game on both sides of the field supporting their respective team.

If not anything else, the band could have taken its normal position in the stands, letting loose with their noise in support of the Boonsboro players on the field. I'm sure there would have been parental support to see that everything was kept under control.

In no way, shape or form am I citing the band as the reason the football team lost to Allegany. However, it is my opinion that their absence, through no fault of the individual band members, left a huge void.

And please, I don't want to hear after-the-fact statements such as, "It didn't make any difference anyway because Boonsboro didn't score," or anything like that.

Bands are a big part of the prep football aura, no matter who is in charge, and they belong at the games.

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