We're fighting to protect Jewish land

November 18, 2006|by S. Brown/Smithsburg

To the editor:

We hung my father's flag out on Sept. 11 - to remember! We must know and remember. Thank God there are all those TV specials finally telling the truth about what has really been happening, and some of what has been happening throughout modern history leading up to Sept. 11, 2001. Where has the news media been? Maybe now the younger generation will finally be able to put the pieces together. We mustn't shield them from reality. This war isn't some whim of an overly aggressive right wing. No, it's something completely different than that

It was so appropriate that my father's flag was hanging up that day. He earned his Purple Heart, because he was one of only two men left alive in his battalion, wounded on the front lines, in the Battle of the Bulge, while saving his friend's life during World War II. We are fighting this war today, albeit a different kind of war, for the very same reasons as he for fought then - to squelch terrorism against the Jews.


This current war against terrorism is about maintaining the Jews' homeland. This homeland, Israel, was given back to them to live in at the end of World War II, because the Jews in Europe literally had no place to go. So, at the end of the war, Israel was redrawn on the globe, with boundaries defined from the time in biblical history when Abraham first gave his son, Isaac the father of the Jews, that piece of land.

This piece of the land, Israel, was given to Isaac instead of Abraham's first-born son Ishmael for his inheritance. Therein lies the root of this conflict, even today. The step-brothers' ancestors are still fighting over who owns that land!

Some of the descendants of Ishmael, the radical Muslims scattered throughout the Arab world with cells here and everywhere, believe that Israel is their land because their scripture, the Koran, tells the opposite story from the Biblical account. So, radical Muslims believe Israel was given to Ishmael, first son of Abraham - not to Isaac.

So whose land is it? The land of Israel once was Jewish King Solomon's kingdom and Solomon's Temple was originally in the heart of Jerusalem, the capital city of the Jews. Throughout the centuries Israel endured several occupations by other empires, until finally, it was completely taken from the Jews when Israel was sacked by the Roman Empire, in 70 AD. It was then that the Jewish nation first became truly homeless; almost all inhabitants were exiled, or taken captive, to the far off lands of Europe, the Roman Empire of that time.

Why didn't the Jews just stay where they were exiled in the first century? The Jews kept their religious practices and customs intact no matter where they landed. The orthodox Jews' identity was so unique that they did not fit in, at the time in Europe. "Freedom" as we know it today, was still a fairly new concept there, even in the 1900s.

After the war, the Jews were given back the land of Israel, in 1948, as a part of the settlement of the conflicts, by America and its allies. This settlement was to put an end to the slaughter of the Jews, by giving the Jews a place to once again call home.

On Sept. 11, we memorialized that victory over hate, again, by flying my father's flag. Now again we fight for freedom for all moral peoples, and, to protect the helpless and oppressed. This time we fight, to stop the radical Muslims from wiping the Jews in Israel off the map. The battle is very real, even though it is a very different kind of enemy.

Unfortunately, many people do not know enough about history to know what has been going on all along. Thank God we're finally hearing reality on TV. We can't listen to nave, peacenick ideas when dealing with radicals. Their world isn't our world! Radicals don't speak our language. We can't anesthetize ourselves with denial while the terrorists plan their next move.

That's how Pearl Harbor and the Holocaust happened!

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