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Shoppers line up for early chance at PlayStation 3

Shoppers line up for early chance at PlayStation 3

November 17, 2006|by ERIN JULIUS

HAGERSTOWN - Josh Barnhart and Brian Lantz made friends with the employees at Sam's Club this week while they camped out in front of the store waiting for the PlayStation 3 gaming console that goes on sale today.

Barnhart, 22, and Lantz, 21, sat in folding chairs and huddled under blankets in the rain Thursday afternoon. They lined up at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Sam's Club has only two PlayStation 3 consoles available, said Jarvis Brooks, spokesman for the store.

The store posted the number of available consoles outside. Barnhart and Lantz said people have offered them money to take their spots in line. One man offered $250, Lantz said.

The friends, both from Hagerstown, plan to sell their PlayStations on the eBay Inc. auction site. Lantz took off work at Patriot Technologies in Frederick, Md., to stake out his spot.


"My boss was cool about it. I work with a lot of guys big into video games," he said.

Mitchel Brown, 24, arrived in front of Kmart at 10 p.m. Wednesday. He planned to sell his PS3 because he is moving to Mexico, he said.

"It's a good opportunity to make some extra money," he said.

In front of Target, more than a dozen people gathered in line at the front door. Marvin Juarez, 20, won't sell his PS3. He wants one because of better graphics and technology updates, he said.

Target has eight 60-gigabyte consoles, priced at $599.99, and two 20-gigabyte consoles, priced at $499.99. The sleek black console is displayed under lock and key in the store.

Eric Burke, 22, traveled from Waynesboro, Pa., to wait in line at Target. He snagged the seventh spot in line.

"I was bent on selling it, then I played it. It's pretty fabulous," said Burke, who got a chance to play on Target's display console.

Those who are selling their PS3s think they will be able get $1,200 to $3,000 for them.

Kenny Hauk was first in Target's line Thursday. He took off work and drove from Chambersburg, Pa., to set up camp at 5 p.m. Wednesday. He was planning to keep his PS3. His wife, Shanna, 25, was in line to support her husband, but she said was going to sell her PS3.

Young men and tents lined the entrance to Circuit City, where one of the first PS3 lines formed in Hagerstown. Circuit City had 12 PS3 consoles to offer.

Adam Bauman, 25, drove from Prince George's County to sit with his girlfriend, Alicia Farrar for two days. He set up camp at 2:10 p.m. Wednesday and was going to keep his PS3. Farrar, 24, planned to sell hers to pay for car repairs. The couple played video games on Bauman's portable PlayStation and chatted to pass the time.

Lines formed in Wheaton, Md., Tuesday, so Bauman drove to Hagerstown because there would be less demand here, he said.

Chris Lantz, no relation to Brian Lantz, arrived at Circuit City at 4:15 Wednesday. He sat with his cousin, Adam Harvey, who drove from Baltimore.

"The prices on eBay are so high, it's worth it," Chris Lantz said.

His parents dropped off pizza, coffee and donuts for the whole line, he said.

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