What was your reaction to last week's election?

November 16, 2006

"Who I wanted to win didn't win, so ... I don't know. It's been a busy week. Anymore, elections are getting strange, you know what I mean?"
Sandi Reed, 43, Hagerstown

"Honestly, I didn't even watch it. From the last election, I've just been turned off of politics."
Maurice Bryant, 32, Hagerstown

"Well, I think I it was very nice. I hope the guy really is going to do the right thing ... I think if he's the man, then he's going to do everything right, that's the way I like it, and if he's going to do something wrong, then there ain't no use in having him in there."
Jack Emery, 60, Hagerstown

"I wish them the best, but it was something how Martin O'Malley beat Ehrlich by 100,000 votes ..."
Martin Woods, 52, Hagerstown

"I was disappointed. I was very disappointed because I'm looking for more moral standing from our elected representatives."
Teresa Berry, 49, Downsville


"Well, some of them got in that I voted for. Some of them got in that I didn't vote for, but I think we needed a little bit of a change."
Cindy Houpt, 54, Hagerstown

"What was my reaction? Same as President Bush's: We took a drubbing."
Frank Myers, 67, Cearfoss

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